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In 1988 my first big journey outside Europe took me for several months from India, through Southeast Asia to Australia. For the first time I experience Bali up close. I spend almost two weeks on the island of the Gods before I move on.

A lot has happened since. From an insider tip among globetrotters to one of the world's most famous holiday destinations. With all its positive and negative aspects.

Personally, this island never really let me go. On my many visits I have advanced into areas which are even these days little known. From 1996 to 2006 I have even been living in Kedonganan, a village in the bay of Jimbaran.

I've seen how much the South has been obstructed. Where rice fields used to be cultivated between the individual villages, there are now hotels, food stalls, discos or supermarkets.

There is still no solution in sight for the constantly increasing traffic. The collapse has been conjured up for years and has surprisingly failed to happen so far.

What fascinates me most is, that the Balinese stay calm. They celebrate their religious festivals how and where they occur. Then sometimes nothing goes on for hours.